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In order to support our local community facing increasing energy and food costs, threatening food poverty, S. Anne’s is now working in partnership with Devon and Cornwall Food Action (DCFA) to support the residents of our locality with fresh and frozen food at much lower cost than it would cost in the shops.

Fr Simon and Bickleigh PCC act as distributors of services provided by Devon and Cornwall Food Action and therefore regret that we cannot be held responsible or liable for any shortcomings in the services provided by the company.  This is because we have no involvement in the procurement, preparation or packaging of any of the items distributed. The donations indicated represent a contribution towards the massive costs of running the DCFA Charity and a small proportion for the expenses incurred by S. Anne’s Church. If you find yourself in acute need and do not have the money to make a donation then please speak with the person managing the Hub on the day and we will help.

Food Boxes

There are two kinds of food boxes: one providing enough for a family of four for a week (£18.00) and one for a single person for a week (£9.00). The video on the right illustrates an example of what might be in the £18.00 pack.

Another example taken by a previous end-user of the service:


Alternatively you can purchase tokens in advance here or on the door (cash or card) exchangeable for a selection of items. The Hub Volunteers will let you know how many items you can get for a token.

  • The tokens enable you to obtain 50p’s worth of items in a more flexible way.

This new feature from the Food Hub enables you to pre-order and pay for Tokens from this page in addition to being able to buy them in cash on the door. This means you can have total flexibility for obtain what you need from what we have available. Of course you can keep unused tokens from one week and use them on another opportunity.

To receive a basket of food cupboard items you will need to submit this form by Wednesday at 5pm. It can easily be completed and paid for on the previous Saturday. This is so the items can be collated and prepared in time for the Larder on a Saturday.

Boxes can be picked up from S. Anne’s Church on a Saturday at 10.30am. Users of the Service will not be able to access S. Anne’s until this time.

Selected Value: 1
Why is this necessary? Because we have to track our users locations by Postcode as infomation for DCFA.
If you pay with card, then this must be completed to receive a receipt.
Please state "None" if you have no allergies we should be aware of. Although we will try and ensure none of your allergens are in your box, but you are still advised to double-check each item yourself.
If you have a mixed household then please indicate in the Notes section below so we can balance meat and veggie/vegan requirements.
If you pay by cash, you may have to show the cash receipt we gave you when you paid as proof

Pre-Order and Pay

Payment can be made in cash on the Saturday before or at the Tuesday Lunch Club or via this secure credit/debit card payment system
The food boxes will contain a variety of Cupboard, Frozen, Dairy, Fruit & Veg, Crisps and Baked Items. The Frozen Bag is a separate, larger variety of Frozen items.
Show your receipt and you will be given tokens on the door for you to obtain items as you want them. You can pre-buy them here, or on the door on the day.
£ 0.00
This will enable us to estimate the amount and variety of items DCFA need to bring.
100 characters max please. Remember that all items are subject to availability and we might not have exactly what you list here.
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