Glenholt Community Larder

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In order to support our local community facing increasing energy and food costs, threatening food poverty, S. Anne’s is now working in partnership with Devon and Cornwall Food Action to support the residents of our locality.

Anyone who resides within the estates of North Plymouth (Glenholt, Belliver, Southway, Mainstone, Estover etc) are eligible for this WITHOUT CHARGE. It is not means-tested and all food is directly-supplied from producers and is in-date.

If you would like to download this preferences form PDF or WORD, complete it and return it to S. Anne’s Lunch Club on a Tuesday, on the day of collection or complete the Online Form below, then we can add you to our list.

Boxes can be picked up from S. Anne’s Church on a Saturday at 10am

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Please state "None" if you have no allergies we should be aware of.

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Items are supplied directly from the supplier via Devon and Cornwall Food Action, either donated or bought wholesale for distribution. Items will be in-date although some may be short-dated. Everything is, of course, subject to availability.
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