Statement of Faith – Creed from Costa Rica

We believe in God the Father and Mother of us all, who has given the earth to all people.

We believe in Jesus Christ who came to encourage and heal us, to deliver us from the oppressors, to proclaim the peace of God to human kind. He has given himself to the world. It is amongst all people that the Lord lives. He is among us all, the living God.

We believe in the Spirit of God, who works in every man and woman of good will.

We believe in the Church, given as a beacon for all nations, moved by the Spirit to serve all people. We believe that God will finally destroy the power of sin in us all, and that humanity will share God’s everlasting life.

We do not believe in the right of the strongest, nor in the force of arms, nor in the power of oppressors.

We want to believe in human rights, in the solidarity of all people, in the power of non-violence.

We do not believe in racism, wealth, privilege, or the established order.
We want to believe that all men and women are equally human, that order based on violence and injustice is not order.

We do not believe that we can ignore things which happen far away.
We want to believe that the whole world is our home, and that the field we plough and the harvest we reap belong to every person.

We do not believe that we can fight oppression far away if we tolerate injustice here.
We want to believe that there is but one right everywhere: that we are not free if one person remains enslaved.

We do not believe that war and hunger are inevitable and peace unattainable. We want to believe in the beauty of simplicity, in love with open hands, in peace on earth.

We do not believe that all suffering is in vain, nor that our dreams will remain dreams, nor that death is the end.

But we dare to believe, always and in spite of everything, in a new humanity: in God’s own dream of a new heaven and a new earth where justice will flourish. Amen.


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