Cocktails at the Vicarage – Sat 8th September 2018 7pm

The closest you have come to a cocktail might have been one of those pre-mixed cans or a large bright-blue thing in a pitcher at Spoons. But we’re going to introduce to you some proper cocktails, some new ones, some classics and some of our favourites, coupled with food to match and to enhance. We hope it will be a fun, informative and above all delicious evening to raise funds for the Friends of S. Mary’s.

From  Martinis and Margaritas to Old Fashioneds, Mohitos, Gimlets and Sparkling Wine cocktails like the LPF, there is something here for all tastes and perhaps an introduction to something new.

All this for just a measly tenner. Spaces are limited, so book your place now. Call Fr Simon on 07976 802123 or Lou Rundell on 07971 527734


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