Moorland Gardens Hotel Wedding Fayre

Clair and I did a Wedding Fayre at the Moorland Gardens Hotel today. It was especially good because Clair was able to speak to people from her personal experience of a Wedding in Church. She even very good naturedly put up with my frequently repeated jokes about her Pregnancy. It was great to spend some time with her as well. A number of people talked about weddings and I think we should all in the Church make more of an effort to do these kinds of things, although Dartmoor Zoo wouldn’t let me come because “it was a clash of interest” because they wanted people to get married in the Zoo rather than in Church and come to the Zoo after. Boo to them, but a big Hurrah to the Moorland Garden Hotel, which is lovely.

This was the slideshow (complete with the well received Wedding Disasters video at 6min 15sec)

2015-03-01 14.46.12
2015-03-01 08.21.43


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